Several years ago, Allan was struggling with dizziness and suffered a few falls at home. He really wanted to keep his independence, but after a fall in the garden he realised that if it happened again, he may not be able to get back up safely or call for help.

Allan enjoys pottering in the garden, especially on sunny days, and felt like he would be losing part of his home if he couldn’t get outside. This is when Allan’s daughter Caroline found out about Care Link through her job in the Ambulance Service.

Care Link provides peace of mind by offering a variety of services like home visiting, discreet sensors and a 24-hour responder service. There are a range of packages to suit different needs and give people the confidence to live independently in their own home.

Allan and Caroline decided that a pendant and alarm service linked to Allan’s landline would work best for him. If he ever needed to, Allan could press his pendant which would put him in touch with the Care Link service.  

An advisor would speak to Allan through his landline about any support he needed.  If they were unable to speak to Allan, they would be able to get in touch with his emergency contacts or ask an ambulance to carry out a wellness check.

There are other services that could be added to this in future if Allan needs them, such as Care Link’s responder service. With his pendant, Allan is now able to access support at the click of a button throughout his home, even in the garden.

Caroline said: “Knowing my dad can get in touch with someone if he ever needs help or support has given me so much peace of mind. We’ve considered adding on more services in the future and we like that Care Link is flexible and can grow with us over time.”

Allan added: “When Caroline suggested Care Link, I wasn’t sure at first as I was worried it wouldn’t be right for me.  After having my pendant for seven years I can safely say it has given me a greater sense of independence than I could’ve imagined.

“It was really important to me that the pendant would work in the garden so I can still put out the washing and enjoy the occasional British sunshine. I know that if something were to happen someone would be there and that has given me the freedom to go about my day.”